Bum Genius Microfiber Insert - Diaper Doubler (1 pc)

Bum Genius Microfiber Insert - Diaper Doubler (1 pc)
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bumGenius Diaper Doubler

Additional Absorbency

A diaper doubler is recommended when your baby's diaper needs to last longer than normal. People often use doublers overnight, in the car or for nap time. Just stuff inside a pocket diaper along with an insert to boost absorbency. Made from 2 layers of micro-fiber terry cloth. Doubler measures 12 x 5.5 inches.
bumGenius Stay-Dry Liner


Phe absorbency of these doublers are also perfect to use as newborn inserts inside pocket diapers such as the bumGenius 4.0 One-Size Stay-Dry Cloth Diaper. Using a newborn insert creates a trimmer fit.

Washing Instructions

Before First Use: For cotton products, wash hot (100F/40C) 3-5 times.
Use: Do not use rash creams.
Dirty Storage: Store in dry pail/bin.
Wash: Wash darks separately. Pre-wash cold. Wash hot (100F/40C) with bumGenius detergent. Extra rinse. No laundry additives. Tumble dry insert. No fabric softeners. Use ΒΌ cup or 60 mL bleach in the hot wash once per month.
Drying time: Our one-size inserts dry as quickly on the line or in a dryer. All the economics of a one-size product and no more waiting for thick cotton or hemp inserts!! 

Absorbency: Our inserts are now manufacturer rated at 15 oz. aborbency. Many other companies offer microfiber inserts now, but no other microfiber insert compares to the bumGenius microfiber insert. What is different? Our product is simply more absorbent than the others.

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